Training Programs

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The training program entitled "Identification and support for victims of human trafficking" is presented by the coordination of the National Network and co-organized with the Network's partners. The program is financed by the Ministry of Justice.

The training sessions are available to all professionals that work with victims of human trafficking (regardless of whether they are partners with the National Network). Participants have come from a variety of sectors: medico-social, law enforcement, justice, shelters for asylum seekers, retention centers...

These programs are the result of GRETA recommendations (point 81 from the 28 January 2013 GRETA report) prescribing regular training programs for persons implicated in the fight against human trafficking.

There are between 20 to 25 participants per training session.

The program consists of one-and-a-half days of instruction concerning the following topics:

  • The national and international relevant legal provisions
  • The presentation of the phenomenon of human trafficking and the different forms of exploitation (forced labor, slavery or similar practices, forced begging, prostitution, exploitation of minors)
  • Risk evaluation protocol
  • Consideration of post-traumatic stress syndrome during the identification process and victim care
  • Indicators to identify human trafficking situations
  • The identification interview
  • Measures of accompaniment and identified victims' access to rights, including repatriation